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Media and Technology Innovation Award

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Our strategy is in the spirit of furthering the objectives of FIRST. We want to insipre people to get involved in FIRST robotics. Our target audience is potential students, mentors and sponsors. With a marketing budget of zero, our website committee created a responsive website with twitter bootstrap ( We also have an up and running Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The site is a place to showcase the fun our students are having and educate the public about our STEM program.

Overall Experience

We have successfully managed a continuous look and feel of the channels by use of the same image and eagle coat of arms logo. Our footer at the bottom of the website follows where you are on the page and includes the social media buttons and allows the user to easily navigate from one channel to another. Utilization of the Facebook and Twitter feeds allow us easy updates and organization at the same time as staying on the same page.

Visual Design

The BERT logo, which is located on the header is complimented by the use of our school and team colors, green and white. The website header and title includes the FIRST logo that is also a link to the FIRST website( that identifies our affiliation. Our Website cover photo and Facebook photo background image was created by the members of our team.


The members of our animation committee created a video to try and win the Safety Animation Award. We ended up winning 1st place for this video. This viral media campaign most definitely helped this small town team to cinch our first place win. Our Facebook page is currently racking up likes with 437, which went up since we won first place for this video contest.


Our website is optimized for Google Chrome, but it works for all browsers. We used twitter bootstrap to create a smoother navigation through the channels on our webpages and made it responsive. We also used ember to make our website all one page and therefore making it run better on all computers.


Our approach to navigation is to keep it simple. You really can learn all the basics about B.E.R.T. and what we are up to from our home page. When you want to dig deeper and know more specifics about our team, robots or sponsors it is easy to navigate by use of the top menu.


We are utilizing Tint for a live feed to Facebook and Twitter on our home page. This helps us to maintain one location that will keep all others current. We have many live links throughout the website. Lots of these are to awards we have won, and to the FIRST website.


700 Saco Road
Standish, ME 04084


Time: Mon. - Fri. 9am - 7pm